What a great day for all involved. Over 325 JEHH supporters ran/jogged/walked the gentle 3.1 mile course in Bernardston, Ma. Weather was perfect and the atmosphere was even better. If you were one of our great supporters today we couldn’t be more thankful for all the support!!

A Special THANK YOU to:

Kringle Candle

Hillside Pizza

Paul Redeker Tents, Inc

A-1 Sanitary

Mount Snow, VT


Please take a moment to see your RACE TIME BY CLICKING HERE

Congratulations to our Age Division Winners!!

0 – 5 Years Old

Female 1st – Gwen Stone — 42:40

Female 2nd – Hailey Cogliano — 50:31

Male 1st – Aaron Mease — 42:25

Male 2nd – Dean Stone — 42:35

6 – 12 Years Old

Female 1st – Laila Heilman — 27:47

Female 2nd – Elaina Krusiewski — 29:51

Male 1st – Kurt Redeker — 23:20

Male 2nd – Joey Brook — 23:26

13 – 18 Years Old

Female 1st – Amy O’Sullivan — 20:30

Female 2nd – Abigal Reblin — 23:58

Male 1st – Laith Hijazi — 19:45

Male 2nd – Alex Decasteja — 20:31

19 – 29 Years Old

Female 1st – Calla Chase — 19:36

Female 2nd – Desiree Mack — 23:25

Male 1st – Robert Davis — 21:13

Male 2nd – Tyler Law  — 22:35

30 – 39 Year Old

Female 1st – Nicole Fahey — 22:10

Female 2nd – Anna Schimelphenig — 23:49

Male 1st – John Herron — 17:24

Male 2nd – Paul Cushing — 21:59

40 – 49 Years Old

Female 1st – Amy Lyman — 19:07

Female 2nd – Jennifer Hayes — 22:18

Male 1st – Mike Townsley — 18:21

Male 2nd – Toby Moran — 20:24

50 – 59 Years Old

Female 1st – Deborah Zurowski — 25:10

Female 2nd – Nancy Lapean — 26:08

Male 1st – Dave Lewis — 20:50

Male 2nd – Barry Auskern — 20:53

 60 + Years Old

Female 1st – Sidney Letendre — 22:05

Female 2nd – Cathy Coutu — 30:09

Male 1st – Stan Kolpa — 23:05

Male 2nd – Seth Geeslin — 23:25

Meet the Pittsfield Pirates,

Tell us about yourself – who you are, where you are from and why you applied for a grant.
The Pittsfield Pirates is a 16U baseball team from Pittsfield, MA, made up of players from 4 area high schools in Berkshire County.  These boys came together in the summer of 2015 with a common goal of creating a competitive team that could play in regional tournaments and garner attention from college recruiters.  The team applied for a grant from the JEHH Memorial Fund to help defray the high cost associated with tournament registration fees, travel expenses, and simply outfitting the team with a common jersey.
In a few words or sentences talk about your experience (i.e. what it was, where, when, how did you do, etc.)?
The Pittsfield Pirates had an amazing run in the summer of 2015, making it to at least the semifinals in every tournament they played.  From fields in Albany, NY, to Worcester, MA, to Baseball Heaven in Long Island, the Pirates held their own with some of the region’s most elite travel teams.  Of course, it didn’t hurt that these young men have played together every summer since Little League.  So despite the lack of practice time together prior to the summer season, raw talent and team chemistry were there to carry the day.  
What did you learn from this experience? About yourself? About your goal/dream? How did it make you feel to participate?
“Summer baseball has always been a huge part of my summer and provides me with something productive and active to do during the summer.”  Shane T.
“Baseball has been an integral part of my life, and has taught me many life lessons.  I’ve learned that sportsmanship applies as much in life as it does in sports.  The game has also taught me about respect, teamwork, friendship, and family.”  Jack S.
My teammates and I have had individual and team successes, but the game has also helped me make great friends, has allowed me to be mentored by caring adults, and has helped me learn about dedication, respect, and setting goals.”  Ryan A.
“Off the field is also a very important part of being on this team.  Just as I’ve always wanted to be a college baseball player, I have also wanted to accomplish a degree in college.  Through baseball, I am hoping to further my education.  Win or lose, I hope to accomplish my goals and to have memories that last a lifetime.”  Matt S.
“Playing on this team has helped me with my responsibility.  To join the team, each player worked ten hours to show willingness and to help out our community.  Being a sixteen year-old sophomore in high school, this will help me in getting ready for the real world that I have ahead of me in life.”  Deonte S.
“Baseball is also a release from reality for me.  For those two hours I’m on the field, I forget about everything – no work, no school, no drama . . . just the game of baseball.  Being on this team made the summer one that I will never forget.”  Ross O.
“As we traveled to elite tournaments in multiple states, it gave me a great opportunity to visit college campuses and develop relationships with players on other teams.”  Ty B.
“Participating on the team helped build my social skills.  Being a team member establishes and maintains friendships.  We celebrated when we won and supported each other when we lost.  We shared our accomplishments together and worked towards a common goal.  Being committed helps to build character, knowing that in life it takes commitment and hard work to achieve any goal.”  Simon N.
Did this experience open doors to new opportunities?
A number of the players made connections with college recruiters, so mission accomplished there.  And some of the 2017 class have since been invited to join elite AAU teams that could fast-track a college baseball opportunity.
What are you going to do next in pursuit of your dream(s)? What are your goals moving forward?
Almost all of the players on this team set out with the dual purpose of pursuing a college baseball career and having fun.  About half of the team is set to graduate in 2016, and many are hopeful that this high school season will end with an offer to play on a college team.  There are no actual “signings” to report yet, but stay tuned!

Meet Sam.

Sam is from a small town in Massachusetts. He applied for a grant in hopes to purchase sporting equipment for an after school program where he volunteers his time. Here is his story:

Tell us about yourself – who you are, where you are from and why you applied for a grant.

My name is Sam Daniel, and I live in Leeds, Massachusetts. I applied for the grant because I believe all children should have the opportunity to have fun and exercise. The sports equipment has allowed a group of elementary school students in Holyoke to enjoy themselves after a hard day’s work in school and at Homework House.

In a few words or sentences talk about your experience (i.e. what it was, where, when, how did you do, etc.)?

After realizing that a new supply of sports equipment would benefit the children, I wrote up a grant proposal. When I found out that I got the grant, it was very exciting, and the next time I tutored at Homework House, I found out what the children might like through a survey. When the grant arrived, I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods to buy what they had asked for. When I brought the sports equipment in, it felt great seeing the children playing and having fun with everything.

What did you learn from this experience? About yourself? About your goal/dream? How did it make you feel to participate?

I learned that it is very rewarding to help others in one way or another. One should do what is in one’s power to improve the community, and in the future, I plan to find any opportunity I can to make a positive impact.

Did this experience open doors to new opportunities?

While I wrote the grant proposal with the kids in mind, I’m sure receiving the grant didn’t hurt my chances in college admission, as colleges like to see students who take initiative.

What are you going to do next in pursuit of your dream(s)? What are your goals moving forward?

As I move forward in life, I hope that I can have a positive impact on the community by volunteering to help others who are less fortunate and also by sharing my passion as a creative writer.


12112510_1139889482708140_7457540538125079496_n 12243080_1139889556041466_4763333395587081342_n 12495075_1139889562708132_5570242884137449096_n 12717977_1139889559374799_8669808014326789145_n 10442885_1139889489374806_4788105310776825012_n 1422361_1139889486041473_6927049710680399193_n

Pumpkin Fest 2015 JEHH Raffle Winners!!!

$50 Lottery Tree — Joe Penniman

$100 Lottery Tree — Krystal Scherlin

iPad — Alice Hmieleski


Pfest Instagram

What a day for JEHH and all the dream chasers!!

A sold out day of golf and celebration was had at the Mount Snow Golf Club in West Dover, VT.



What a great day for all involved. Over 500 JEHH supporters ran/jogged/walked the gentle 3.1 mile course in Bernardston, Ma. Weather was perfect and the atmosphere was even better. If you were one of our great supporters today we couldn’t be more thankful for all the support!!

A Special THANK YOU to:

Kringle Candle

Four Leaf Clover Restaurant

Hillside Pizza

Paul Redeker Tents, Inc

A-1 Sanitary

Mount Snow, VT

 Congratulations to our raffle winners!!

OKC Thunder Signed Team — Nathaniel Donovan

$100.00 Lottery Tree – Candy Woods

Under Armour Gift Pack – John O’Leary


Please take a moment to see your RACE TIME BY CLICKING HERE



Congratulations to our Age Division Winners!!

0 – 5 Years Old

Female 1st – Saxin Bucxek — 29:54

Female 2nd – Gwen Stone — 38:30

Male 1st – Jake Stone — 38:30

Male 2nd – Dean Stone — 38:30

6 – 12 Years Old

Female 1st – Laila Heilman — 29:55

Female 2nd – Cori Scagel — 29:56

Male 1st – Alexander De Caste — 38:30

Male 2nd – Joey Brook — 38:30

13 – 18 Years Old

Female 1st – Julia Hopley — 25:48

Female 2nd – Amelia Worden — 27:24

Male 1st – Ryan Pinckney — 17:38

Male 2nd – Sam Daniel — 20:56

19 – 29 Years Old

Female 1st – Samantha Bernard — 21:40

Female 2nd – Courtney Oplanenik — 22:24

Male 1st – Tyler Law — 22:52

Male 2nd – Joe Ruscio Iv — 23:05

30 – 39 Year Old

Female 1st – Stephanie Scagel — 19:33

Female 2nd – Nicole Fahey — 24:00

Male 1st – Aaron Stone — 17:03

Male 2nd – Nathan Santerre — 18:43

40 – 49 Years Old

Female 1st – Jennifer Hayes — 22:26

Female 2nd – Sarah Cyhowski — 23:30

Male 1st – Mike Townsley — 18:17

Male 2nd – Barney Collins — 18:29

50 – 59 Years Old

Female 1st – Linda Gavin — 20:53

Female 2nd – Janice Bohonowicz — 25:45

Male 1st – Patrick Pezzati — 19:54

Male 2nd – Peter Kennedy — 22:14

 60 + Years Old

Female 1st – Sidney Letendre — 22:17

Female 2nd – Charlotte McLaugh — 28:35

Male 1st – Bob White — 23:45

Male 2nd – Francis McDonald — 24:55

G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4793- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4796- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4818- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4826- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4829- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4844- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4852- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4870- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4874- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4883- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4895- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4901- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4903- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4908- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4920- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4936- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4940- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4945- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4953- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4958- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4959- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4962- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4965- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4966- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4969- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4973- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4974- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4976- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4994- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4997- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A4999- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5001- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5003- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5006- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5017- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5018- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5019- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5023- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5026- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5027- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5031- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5033- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5035- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5036- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5036-Copy 1 G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5045- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5048- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5048-Edit- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5056- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5059- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5064- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5066- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5068- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5071- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5078- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5082- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5091- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5093- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5096-Edit- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5096-Edit-Copy 1 G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5109-Edit- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5146- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5155-Edit- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5159- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5163- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5163-Edit- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5181- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5190- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5195- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5196- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5197- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5197-Edit- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5203- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5211- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5214- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5222- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5227- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5229- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5235- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5242- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5247- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5258- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5267- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5272- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5292- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5295- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5298- G-Grimes-Rebekah-_R7A5301-

JEHH is so happy to be a part of this wonderful project at the beautiful

Unity Park in Turners Falls, MA

Please take a moment and familiarize yourself with this great project for all these individuals that will now get to experience this wonderful swing!!

It is truly amazing to play a role in these amazing projects!!!

Please take a moment and check out this wonderful program in Guilford, VT. JEHH has had the pleasure to sponsor to great individuals in this program over the past two years. Farming Connection is truly a magical place for children with emotional and behavioral challenges. We at JEHH are so thankful to be able to provide an opportunity for these children.

To provide Animal Mediated Therapy to those who face emotional

and behavioral challenges; to provide education to the public about

the social and biological nature of farm animals and when possible,

to provide temporary placement for animals in need.


Farming Connections, Inc. is a small farm in southeastern Vermont.

The animals that live on our farm serve as teachers for individuals who

face emotional and behavioral challenges  and for those who are

interested in learning more about the lives of farm animals.


 Farming Connection #2 Farming Connection #6

Our farm animals respond to human behavior and emotions in an honest,

non-judgmental way making them excellent teachers.

They show us the importance of ‘listening’ to body language.

 They teach us ways to get along with one another.



Animals can show us how to become more connected with others, with nature and with ourselves.

Farming Connections #5

To a farm animal, making and keeping friends is not about

accepting an invitation on Facebook.  It is about taking time to

get to know someone.  It is about showing respect and interest

in how someone else looks at the world. Making a friend means

moving slowly so they don’t feel rushed or afraid. It requires

patience, the ability to wait and see if they are willing

to be a friend and then,  it is about

respecting their decision.




There is much for all of us to learn.

Our farm animals have much to teach.

Good teachers make learning fun.

Our animals are very good teachers.

It matters little if you have two or four legs, feathers

or fur or just plain skin, the basic requirements for

forming  relationships are the same.




Behavioral change can happen only in a safe environment.

Animals provide a unique kind of emotional safety.

This vital ingredient encourages exploration. It increases

our willingness to try out different ways of doing things.


The Board and the Friends of Farming Connections thank you in advance for your good will and support.

We had the wonderful opportunity to receive a grant request from Elaina Cardenas. She was seeking aid in following her dream and continue to take her beloved ballroom dancing lesson. Her dream one day is to become a professional wheelchair dancer. JEHH was so honored to be able to aid a great young lady in her wonderful dream.

Check out her on NBC’s The Today Show by CLICKING HERE

Elaina #3Elaina #2Elaina #1


Wow…what a day for giveback and basketball for our 100 student athletes. January 3rd will be a day to remember for many as JEHH took over the Northampton High School gymnasium. The day started with a great clinic that was offered free for children grades K – 7. With the help of the Northampton girls basketball coach Perry Messer and his team of lady blue devils, JEHH was able to provide a great hour an half to 38 youngsters that were able to get some drills and skills learning from some great enthusiastic players.


Dreams clinic getting starting Photo Jan 03, 10 11 04 AM


After the conclusion of the clinic, JEHH put on their game face and transferred the welcome lobby, locker rooms and post game area into a see of JEHH purple and white.  A huge thank you to our major sponsors Under Armour, Sparkling ICE, & Orange Leaf. With their help JEHH put their best foot forward for all the incoming student athletes.


Photo Jan 03, 1 09 08 PM Photo Jan 03, 3 51 23 PM IMG_8986


As the players starting to come in you could see instantly that they were in for a day to remember. Collecting their warm up gear and heading to their fully stocked locker room was just a start to the afternoon. While the players were getting comfortable in the locker room, the spectators were getting a chance to view and purchase raffle tickets or the great items JEHH had on display. A signed OKC Thunder basketball was one of the highly sought after items on the bidding sheet.

Photo Jan 03, 12 43 26 PM Photo Jan 03, 10 14 37 AM Photo Jan 03, 7 27 04 PM Photo Jan 03, 7 17 03 PM


After the conclusion of each games, players and coaches were welcomed by the JEHH staff in the post game area. Sponsored by Sparkling ICE & Sheere Markwarth, players and coaches were treated to a great post game meal before heading home for the evening. A special thank you to all our sponsors and volunteers for the day! Without the help of our volunteers this great day would have been the huge success it was for these student athletes.

Photo Jan 03, 8 22 17 PM Photo Jan 03, 7 15 35 PM Photo Jan 03, 4 49 31 PM Photo Jan 03, 4 50 24 PM